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From time to time everyone experiences stress, sadness, anger, relational conflict and grief and we often suffer alone. Accepting help from others can be difficult, but maybe you feel you’ve been toughing it out for too long. ‘Be strong’ is so often the mantra we hear but sometimes when we’re not feeling strong this can just make us feel worse.

Whether you are struggling with an identifiable trauma or you’ve reached a point where recurring feelings and/or behaviours are becoming problematic or unmanageable. A course of psychotherapeutic counselling will go towards helping you make sense of what is happening and enable you to gain and maintain some stability.

Feelings of fear or anxiety, anger, rejection, social isolation or awkwardness and lack of confidence are difficult areas and discussing them with friends and family might not always be possible. You may feel that you are not being properly heard or understood which can be confusing lonely and in itself isolating. Many of my clients mention the huge relief they feel when able to talk freely through difficult thoughts and feelings.

We all have feelings, we all have emotions, I believe they have been given to us for a reason and rather than ignoring them we benefit from exploring them. It might feel counterintuitive to move towards exploration of our inner worlds and perhaps the darker side of our nature, that lifting the lid off the can of worms will only cause pain and anguish. In my view ‘going there’ is often very much less stressful and painful than anticipated and often gives rise to some of the answers we’ve been looking for.

In understanding ourselves more fully we can move towards change and know that it is within our gift to make changes for ourselves. ‘Going there’ is the beginning of our ‘hero’s journey’, with the hero being oneself. It’s a common belief that we all have an inner drive for self actualisation, an innate desire to heal ourselves and fulfill our life’s potential. I want to facilitate my clients’ working towards taking steps that reawaken their natural ability to problem solve, to reconnect with what’s been there all along, our essence, our intrinsic nature upon which to build a happier clearer and more fulfilled future.

In my experience a warm, supportive and connected relationship between client and therapist is key for movement and change. Whilst nothing can change the past, with compassion for ourselves and others, we can help ourselves understand and accept it in order to progress more positively into the future. With an aim to reconnect with yourself and in so doing making better connections with others.